New Zealand Craft Beer Mash Up

This is Part 1 of Episode 1 of an attempt to get the 44 craft breweries in New Zealand to collaborate on one beer. I visited New Zealand in 2005 and fell in love with its two islands. Along the way, I did go to a brewpub though I be darned if I can remember its name. My memory of most of the beer in 2005 was mostly of pale lagers on tap in restaurants.

You might recognize Luke Nicholas of Epic Beer; he appears on the Punkins & Portamarillio episode of Brewmasters. Luke and his fellow traveller Kelly Ryan want to “discover the best of New Zealand craft breweries and beer folk, to capture the passion of the brewers and create one very special beer that represents them all.”

When you watch the video remember that the units are metric. A temperature of 5C is 41F and 12-13C is ~53-55F.


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