Karl Strauss Brewing Review

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Stopped for lunch at Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Carlsbad, CA on Friday. The fish tacos were quite tasty with a zesty salsa on the side. I had a Pintail Pale Ale, a gold medal winner at the California State Fair. At 47 IBUs, it’s at the high end of a pale ale, but it’s balanced well. The Amarillo hops give it an earthy aroma. I give it 3 out of 5 bottles.

I mentioned to our server that I am a home brewer and he recommended that I should meet their brewer. In the brewing room, I met brewer James Petti, who offered me a taste of the beer they are releasing for IPA Day on August 4: Heavy Petti IPA. What a knockout. It’s 7.5% ABV and 70 IBUs . I give it 5 out of 5 bottles.