Status Check

A while ago I posted about my homebrewing challenges, specifically brewing my Citra IPA (an India Pale Ale flavored solely with Citra hops).  I said time would tell ( or something equally non-committal). So, how did my beer turn out? Pretty darn well.

I took a couple bottles with me to More Beer on the day Gordon Strong (three-time winner of American Homebrewing Association’s National Homebrew Competition Ninkasi Award [1]) would be signing copies of Brewing Better Beer. Gordon ranks at or near the top of BJCP judges, so he knows his stuff. He took a sip, smiled and said “Mmmm.” He then called Nathan Smith (BJCP beer judge, Brewing Network brewcaster, and self-described “Homebrew fanatic”) over to taste it. Nathan liked it also. Other people in the store sampled it as well. One brewer said ‘if this is how Citra tastes, I’m buying some.’

Gordon Strong savoring my Citrazilla IPA

There is no higher praise than to have people who know good brew enjoy the beer you brewed.

I think I’m getting the hang of this brewing thing. That’s not to say that there’s not more to learn; there is a lifetime of stuff to learn. And let me tell you, it’s fun to learn.

BTW: Gordon signed my copy of Brewing Better Beer, “To Norm, I’d drink your IPA anytime. Sure you need this book?” – Gordon Strong.



[1] Ninkasi Award: Named for the Sumerian Goddess of Beer, this award is given to the brewer having the most wins in the Final Round of the National Homebrew Competition. Brewers earn points toward the award by placing in the 23 beer categories, the 3 mead categories, and the 2 cider categories during the Final Round.


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