I am a Homebrewer – five reasons you should be one too

  1. Homebrewing offers you the chance to be creative. If you want habañero and pine needles infused beer, you can have habañero and pine needles infused beer. Light or dark…pink, if that’s lights your candle, is yours to make.
  2. Homebrewing gives you honest feedback as to whether you did it correctly. Other art forms and sports require subjectivity. Beer doesn’t lie.[1]If your beer has a problem, it tells you.
  3. When you homebrew, you know what goes into your beer. Only the finest habañeros for your habañero infused beer.
  4. When you homebrew, you connect with a tradition that is thousands of years old.
  5. When you homebrew, you will learn the secret handshake that all homebrewers around the world know that gets them free beer at all places that serve good beer. [2]

[1]Obviously, when you enter tasting competitions that is different. Beer however will make you think you are stronger, wittier, smarter, cleverer, handsomer, than you really are.
[2]I made that last one up. There is no secret handshake.


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