Laurel IPA collaboration update – Will there be sharing?

Laurel IPA is piney with hints of citrus. Still slightly cloudy with a SRM color around 6

The Buzz on Triple Rock Brewing’s website may have been updated.

You may recall last month’s Wet Behind the Beers Batch-22 post here about Laurel IPA. The folks at Triple Rock and Beachwood BBQ Breweries invited homebrewers to collaborate with them on Julian Shrago’s Laurel IPA. But it looks as though the invitation/announcement has changed somewhat.

It seems that they may not want to taste the batches made by homebrewers but allow only the Laurel IPA on tap, which is already flowing at Triple Rock, to be shared at the pub. Here’s a comparison of the present invitation and last month’s.

“This event wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of fellow homebrewers. We would be honored if each of you would brew your own batch of Laurel IPA and bring it to Beachwood or Triple Rock on the 22nd of December at 3pm. Hope to see you there.”

I’m grateful to Triple Rock and Beachwood for sharing the recipe. I’ve brewed my batch of Laurel IPA, and it tastes pretty damn awesome. The hops are up front and stay with you. It’s piney and floral. Very piney with hints of citrus. I’m definitely brewing it again, soon.

So, what to do on Thursday, December 22, 2011? I’m planning on putting a couple of 22 ounce bottles in a cool carrier bag and checking with the staff if Rodger or anyone would like a taste.  And, I’ll taste to see if Rodger‘s beer is as good as mine is.


Here is what Beachwood Brewing and Barbeque has on their website under events.

Dec 22 3pm

Laurel IPA Side by Side Tasting with Rodger Davis of Triple Rock Brewing

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

Come enjoy one of Julian’s most popular IPA recipes brewed by both Beachwood Brewing and Triple Rock brewing. In the spirit of collaboration Julian & Rodger are visiting each others’ breweries with their own version of Laurel IPA in tow. We’ve posted the recipe in the Beachwood Newsletter as well as on Triple Rocks’ website for any homebrewers who want to make a version of their own to share. Event starts at 6 pm. No reservations required.

It’s a happening. Either at 3pm or 6pm there.


Here is a link to Rodger Davis and Julian Shrago discussing the Laurel IPA collaboration on the Brewing Network.


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