Laurel IPA – The Tasting

Though “The Buzz” on Triple Rock Brewing’s website gave more, lots more electronic ink to its Festivus celebration on December 23, they had Julian Shrago of  Beachwood BBQ & Brewery at Triple Rock Brewery on December 22 with his version of Laurel India Pale Ale on tap.

I and a few other homebrewers tasted Rodger Davis’s and Julian shrago’s versions. My version (at right in picture) came closer, in color, to Rodger’s version. His was much smoother than mine. My Laurel was a bit danker, piney with hints of citrus. Julian’s was darker in color.

I got to talk with Triple Rock’s General Manager, Jesse Sarinana, who was gracious and excited that a homebrewer had tried the recipe. I left a 22-ounce bomber with him to try at his leisure.

Thank you Triple Rock and Beachwood BBQ for sharing the recipe.


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