Do you have a favorite place to drink your favorite beer?

The picture is of one of the McMenamin’s pint glasses my son, Lee, gave me for Christmas. Along with the Sunflower India pale ale glass, he gave me a Hammerhead pale ale glass, and two growlers of the glass’s namesakes.

I realize McMenamin’s isn’t everybody’s go-to brewery. But, I like them. They started in very humble beginnings. I don’t number which of the brothers (Mike and Brian McMenamin) bought the old bar but he did it with his family’s life savings after the birth of their daughter. They opened in 1983 in Portland, Oregon.  You have to give the guy credit he had a dream and he made it happen. Now, they proudly own and operate more than 50 establishments throughout Oregon and Washington.

For others, it’s Rogue or Bridgeport Breweries. For me, McMenamin’s  craft beer says the Pacific Northwest.

Sunflower IPA glass

There’s nothing quite like filling a glass with your favorite beverage and kicking back and watching the world go by. In that tree in the background today was a red tailed hawk.

Do you have a favorite place to drink your favorite beer?

Thanks for the Christmas present, Son. It all tasted great.


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