We have hops sprouting

Yes indeed. The Centennial hop rhizomes have sent bines into the air. We here at Flog This Dead, should be able to use it in a fresh hop version of Bell’s Two Hearted ale clone [PDF link to recipe]. Carbonated Trix–breakfast of champions. Yum!


Ain’t photosynthesis and auxin wondrous?


2 thoughts on “We have hops sprouting

    • I think it is only the lupulin oil in the flowers (and the oil comes as the flower matures) that is the problem for dogs and not the whole plant. Hops grow about 1/2 to 1 foot a day. So, the flowers close to the ground could be removed by you. I’m not expert (by any stretch) but I don’t think the stems or the leaves have the oils. Plus, the hop pellets that we homebrewers often use are more concentrated than the flowers, so your dog would have to eat somewhat more to get a lethal dose.

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