What’s In YOUR Beer? Or, The Dangers of Dumbassery

Recently, Food Babe wrote a post decrying “chemicals” in beer. Maureen Ogle, author of Ambitious Brew and who is a great ranter, took on some of Food Babe’s assertions. She also got some of her friends in the microbrewing business to take on other assertions. The result is a great read. Additionally, the comments are also worthwhile.

Update: Maureen Ogle migrated her site from WordPress to SquareSpace recently. The move wiped out all the pointers (or whatever), so the links are broken. Here’s the link:

Maureen Ogle

My thanks to the contributors and to John Kleinchester for help with photos.


A few weeks back, an entrepreneur (in this case a modern-day version of a snake oil salesperson) who calls herself the Food Babe used her website to malign the brewing industry. 

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