Popcorn Blonde Ale

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Brewed a “Popcorn Blonde” Ale today. A friend of mine likes popcorn and because of jaw problems has been told to stop eating it. So, it seemed fitting to make him a liquid version of popcorn. Below is the recipe I used. I subbed flaked maize for popped corn as some folks use. I chose Irish Ale yeast to try to get a little diacetyl (for that buttery flavor). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Beer Judging Competition Type: 6B-Light Hybrid Beer-Blonde Ale

Recipe Overview
Target Wort Volume Before Boil: 9.00 US gals Actual Wort Volume Before Boil: 9.00 US gals
Target Wort Volume After Boil: 7.50 US gals Actual Wort Volume After Boil: 7.75 US gals
Target Volume Transferred: 5.25 US gals Actual Volume Transferred: 5.25 US gals
Target Volume At Pitching: 5.25 US gals Actual Volume At Pitching: 5.25 US gals
Target Volume Of Finished Beer: 5.00 US gals
Target Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.032 SG Actual Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.033 SG
Target OG: 1.047 SG Actual OG: 1.046
Target FG: 1.013 SG
Target Apparent Attenuation:: 71.4 %
Target ABV: 4.4 %
Target ABW: 3.5 %
Target IBU (using Tinseth): 24.9 IBU
Target Color (using Morey): 3.3 SRM
Target Mash Efficiency: 70.0 %
Target Fermentation Temp: 64 degF
Ingredient Amount % MCU When
US 2-Row Malt 7lb 14oz 78.7 % 2.6 In Mash/Steeped
US Flaked Corn/Maize 2lb 0oz 20.0 % 0.3 In Mash/Steeped
US Caramel 15L 2.00 oz 1.3 % 0.3 In Mash/Steeped
Variety Alpha Amount IBU Form When
US Glacier 5.6 % 1.00 oz 22.1 Bagged Pellet Hops First Wort Hopped
US Warrior 17.2 % 1.00 oz 2.7 Bagged Pellet Hops 1 Min From End
US Simcoe 12.5 % 2.00 oz 0.0 Bagged Pellet Hops Dry-Hopped
Other Ingredients
Ingredient Amount When
Yeast Nutrient 1.00 oz In Boil
Whirlfloc Tablet 1.00 oz In Boil
Yeast: White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale
Mash Type: Full Mash
Schedule Name: Single Step Infusion (65C/149F)
Step Type Temperature Duration
Rest at 149 degF 60