US Hop Production Report out for 2011

The United States’ hop production numbers are out for 2011 from the United States Department of Agriculture‘s National Agriculture Statistics Service.

According to the 2011 report:

Production for Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in 2011 totaled 64.8 million pounds, down 1 percent from the 2010 crop of 65.5 million pounds. Idaho’s production increased 10 percent in 2011. Production in Washington and Oregon decreased 2 percent and 3 percent, respectively…Washington growers produced 79 percent of the United States hop crop in 2011. Zeus, Columbus/Tomahawk, Cascade, and Super Galena were the leading varieties in Washington, accounting for 49 percent of the State’s hop production. In Oregon, Nugget and Willamette were the major varieties, accounting for 58 percent of the State’s hop production.

Here’s a chart of the hop production from 1992 to 2011:                                                                                       

Hop production [1,000 pounds

Shaded area indicates the standard deviation from the mean of 67 million pounds of hops.