Welcome to 2012

There are beers yet to be savored. The glass is indeed half full. May your batches be tasty. Hooray for 2012.

The glass is half full




Hoppy New Year

Beer bottle cap.

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Sorry, it’s an old pun for a new year. I am going to celebrate the new year with some homebrewed Laurel and Hop Grenade India Pale Ale beers.

You, however may be looking for a New Year‘s Eve beer with a bit more fizz, kick, and maybe a cork instead of a bottle cap. You might check out Food Republic. They recommend:
1. Evil Twin: Disco
2. Green Flash: Rayon Vert
3. Brouwerij Liefmans: Cuvée-Brut
4. Samuel Adams: Infinium
5. Brouwerij Bosteels: DeuS

How about you? What do you recommend for ringing in 2012?