Hop Characteristics Wheel

I check in on Twitter nearly daily. Here is a graphic that looked helpful to me and my fellow homebrewers. It’s a graphic, based on John Palmer’s Hop Wheel (found on page 30 in this PDF), and redesigned and updated by Tim Kreitz, that gives the primary characteristics of hops: spicy, citrusy, fruity, floral, piney (evergreen), herbal, earthy.


Lagunitas Brewing to open new brewery in Chicago | Beerpulse.com

Funny I should mention that I cloned a Lagunitas brew just yesterday.

About 10 hours ago, Lagunitas Brewing Owner, Tony Magee announced in a series of ‘tweets’ on Twitter that Lagunitas will opening a 250 barrel brewhouse in Chicago. He expects “1st mash-in will b Q4 2013. Freakin cool, this. Lots and lotsa work ahead.”

Announcing a new 250 bbl brewery140 characters (or less) at a time.

The brewhouse’s location will be “18th & Rockwell, Chicago” and bigger than most of the craft breweries in Chicago combined. At 250 barrels, it will be 5x the size of Goose Island’s operation in Chi town.

He expects “Fresher beer w/ less diesel in it.”

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Lagunitas Brewing to open new brewery in Chicago | Beerpulse.com.