Triple Rock & Beachwood Breweries invite homebrewers to collaborate on Laurel IPA

My version of Laurel IPA. Slightly cloudy with a SRM color around 6.

The good folks at Triple Rock and Beachwood BBQ Breweries have invited homebrewers to collaborate with them on Julian Shrago’s (the Brewmaster at Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ) Laurel India Pale Ale.

As the announcement from the collaborating brewmasters says:

“This event wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of fellow homebrewers. We would be honored if each of you would brew your own batch of Laurel IPA and bring it to Beachwood or Triple Rock on the 22nd of December at 3pm. Hope to see you there.”

They don’t mention how to bring it (growlers, keg, or bottled), so I have sent an email to Triple Rock to see if they have a preference. Update: I talked with a Triple Rock brewer and was told bottles are fine (“bring one or two depending on the size”), and the event will probably start around 3pm. He says Triple Rock’s website will be updated as the event draws nearer.

Here is Julian Shrago’s recipe:

– 5 gallon batch at 75% efficiency –

* 11.5 lbs. American 2-row malt
* 0.4 lbs. Carapils malt
* 0.3 lbs. Crystal 40 malt

Mash @ 151 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

90 minute boil

* 0.8 oz. Amarillo pellets (9.6% AA) for first wort hop (FWH)
* 0.55 oz. Summit pellets (18% AA) for 60 minutes
* 0.75 oz. Centennial pellets (9.2% AA) for 30 minutes
* 0.3 oz. each Simcoe (12.2) and Columbus pellets (14.0) for 10 minutes
* 0.5 oz. Amarillo pellets (9.6% AA) at flameout/whirlpool
* Dry hops: 1.3oz each Amarillo, Centennial, and Summit pellets for two weeks

Ferment with White Labs California Ale Yeast WLP001 or Wyeast 1056

OG/FG: 1.064/1.010
SRM: 5.2
IBUs: 108

Go here for the full details.

PS: I brewed the recipe up yesterday but I had to sub in Cascade for Centennial hops since my local homebrew supply store was out.

Update (11 December 2011):
It occurs that you might be interested in what I brewed. Since, I’m new, my efficiency is around 65% and not 75%. Here’s my recipe:
Grain Bill
14 lbs 2-Row Malt
8 oz Carapils (Dextrin) Malt
6 oz Caramel 40L Malt

0.8 oz Amarillo – First wort hopped
0.55 oz Summit – 60 minutes from end
0.75 oz Cascade – 30 Min From End
0.3 oz Simcoe – 10 Min From End
0.3 oz Columbus(Tomahawk) – 10 Min From End
0.5 oz Amarillo – At turn off
1.30 oz Cascade – Dry-Hopped
1.30 oz Summit – Dry-Hopped
1.30 oz Amarillo – Dry-Hopped

White labs WLP001- California Ale

Mash at 151F with no sparge (Target efficiency 65%, Apparent efficiency 72.5%)
Target pre-boil gravity 1.045 Actual pre-boil gravity 1.050

For an extract, try 6.9 lbs of dry light malt extract and steeping 0.4 lbs carapils and 0.3 lbs of caramel 40 at 160F or so.


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