About Batch-22

Are you new to homebrewing? This is about the trials, errors, successes, and got plain fun stuff of brewing your own beer.

My name is Norm and I’m a writer who focuses on environmental issues: deforestation, food production, biofuels, and other stuff (if you’re interested in such things, it’s http://timberati.com). But, more importantly for this blog, I’m a homebrewer.

For nearly a decade, I have have brewed extract kits like this one. This year marked the move into all-grain brewing. Do I know what I’m doing? Absolutely…not.

The first draft

<=== But so far I like the results.

You might be considering moving into brewing your own beer. Or, perhaps you have just started too and would like to share what you have learned.

If you have been brewing for many, many batches, your knowledge is invaluable.


2 thoughts on “About Batch-22

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